Can I Buy Life Insurance as a Non-Binary or Transgender Person?

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Fiona Staff11/5/2021

No matter who you are or how you identify, the right life insurance policy can help protect those you love most, including a significant other, children, or other beneficiaries. When buying life insurance as a non-binary or transgender person, however, the application process can be a little different. 

If you identify with one of the above, here’s an idea of what to expect if you’re in the market for a life insurance policy, and how the process will play out. 

The Impact of Birth Biology

First, let’s talk about why your gender matters to life insurance companies in the first place. 

Your birth biology plays a notable role in your health and life expectancy, regardless of how you choose to identify. For example, men carry roughly a 20% higher risk of getting cancer than women, according to the National Cancer Institute.

There are also gender discrepancies when it comes to heart disease, diabetes, and even strokes. As a result, your biological gender can play a role in your overall level of risk, which is important when insurers are assessing your coverage and policy for underwriting purposes.

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Can I Buy Life Insurance if I’m Transgender?

Being a transgender person won’t prevent you from buying life insurance coverage. Insurance companies cannot discriminate against applicants for personal factors such as their gender identity, sexual orientation, or gender expression. 

You will be able to apply for and purchase life insurance coverage to meet your needs, at a competitive price. However, depending on which carrier you choose, the process may be a bit more difficult, or at least involve more paperwork. 

As with all applicants, you may be limited to certain types of insurance and levels of coverage based on your age, health and medical history, tobacco use, or even your occupation and hobbies. 

Additionally, some carriers will hold, or pause, your application if you plan to undergo gender confirmation surgery. Once your surgery is completed and you have healed, you will be able to resume the life insurance buying process.

Since options may be limited based on your current situation, it’s wise to use a platform that allows you to compare personalized life insurance policy quotes from multiple top carriers, to get more optionality that suits your needs.

Can I Buy Life Insurance if I’m Non-Binary

As noted, federal law prohibits life insurance carriers from discriminating against applicants on the basis of factors like gender identity. This means that as a non-binary person, you can absolutely still buy life insurance coverage to protect your family.

With that said, when applying for life insurance now and in the foreseeable future, non-binary applicants will need to choose either male or female on their application. Though insurance companies are becoming more inclusive every day, the underwriting process does not yet allow for a choice other than male or female.

Which Gender Do I Choose on My Life Insurance Application?

All applicants will need to choose a gender when applying for life insurance, whether they are non-binary or transgender. But which do you pick?

If you are non-binary, you should choose the gender you were assigned at birth, regardless of how you self identify. If you are transgender, your choice will depend on your current and past medical history, as well as the carrier you choose.

Some carriers may require you to choose your birth gender if you are not currently undergoing hormone therapy or if you are still planning to have confirmation surgery in the future. If you have been on hormone replacement for a certain period of time, though, or have already undergone gender reassignment surgery, you may be able to select your affirmed gender when applying with certain carriers.

Buying Through a Broker

While many carriers have installed changes to make the policy-buying process easier for non-binary or transgender people, this isn’t the case across the board. For some applicants, buying life insurance through a broker may be the easiest choice.

A broker can help you navigate the application process, as well as advise you on which carriers are the most LGBTQ+-friendly. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have about life insurance, including how much coverage you need and how long your policy term should be.

Bottom Line

Life insurance coverage can help protect your family and other loved ones, giving you peace of mind that they are taken care of no matter what happens to you. Thankfully, this important financial product is available to all kinds of applicants, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 

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