What are the Benefits of Having a Credit Card?

What are the Benefits of Having a Credit Card?
Fiona Staff1/8/2020

Let’s face it, adulting can be hard. A big part of adult life is dealing with finances, which includes choosing the right credit card. Financial search engines like Fiona make the process easier, by allowing users to get matched with pre-qualified credit card offers from top providers!

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Being an adult has its perks, however, and the same can be said for credit cards. We put together a list of these benefits, which can help a consumer find the perfect card to match their financial needs. 

4 Benefits Of Having A Credit CardAlternative to Cash

More and more businesses are becoming cashless. Cash was once king, but is now becoming less ubiquitous. As a result, having a credit card is vital in an evolving world of commerce. Also, due to cash’s anonymous nature, it is often unrecoverable if lost, while credit cards can be easily cancelled and replaced.

Build Your Credit Health

The strength of an individual’s credit score can help them get better interest rates and offers  on auto loans, mortgages, credit cards and other debt products. Using a credit card responsibly can build a borrower’s credit health and make them eligible for a number of financial offerings.


Credit card issuers offer a wide array of rewards and point systems, giving consumers the opportunity to receive various perks based on their spending habits, including airline miles and cashback options.  

Fraud Protection 

Many credit cards offer several layers of security against the purchases made on said accounts. These benefits include:

  • Fraud protection

  • Convenient and safe online shopping

  • Price protection insurance 

  • Purchase protection insurance

  • Complimentary travel insurance

Bottom Line

When used responsibly, credit cards offer more advantages than simply paying for transactions. And no matter the kind of consumer, there is a card out there to suit every need. Check out Fiona today to get matched with personalized credit card offers.

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