Tired of High-interest Credit Card Debt? Considering Consolidating with a Personal Loan

"Tired of high-interest credit card debt? Considering consolidating with a personal loan." Featured Image
Holly Johnson6/17/2021

Why should you consolidate debt now?

Save money: Personal loan rates can be considerably lower than credit card APRs, which means potentially less money wasted on interest. Consolidating debt may save you thousands of dollars as you work to become debt free. Luckily Fiona allows you to see just how low your rates can be.

Save time: Paying less in interest means more of your payment goes toward the principal of your balance, and that may result in paying off debt faster.

Save your sanity: When you consolidate debt, your clutter of bills will be simplified into one easy monthly payment. This will prevent you from missing due dates, eliminating hassle and stress.

Steps to consolidate your debt

Consolidating debt is easier than you think, and you can handle the entire process online. The following steps can help you get started:

  • Step 1: Make a list of your current credit card debts, the amounts you owe, and their current APRs.

  • Step 2: Use the tool below to share your total debt amount and current credit rating.

  • Step 3: Browse loan offers personalized for you, and calculate how much you could save.

  • Step 4: After getting matched with offers, proceed to the lender website and fill out the loan application by following the prompts and sharing details like your name, employment, and income.

  • Step 5: If you are ultimately approved by the lender of your choosing you can consolidate your credit card debt into your new loan, then pay it off according to the terms of the plan.

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