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Payoff ( has changed the "game" of personal finance by making money simple, social, and fun.  While today's personal finance industry centers around "money management," Payoff is focused on tomorrow's industry for "money motivation." Through rewards and the motivational power of game dynamics, Payoff engages its community at an emotional level, empowering Americans to take control of their financial destinies and be a part of a community of people committed to each other's success.

Payoff's Scientific Advisory Board, led by Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Founder and Chief Scientist of eHarmony, is helping translate the most cutting edge findings in neuroeconomics and machine learning into Payoff's product, using Payoff's vast array of data to help people establish the connection between their financial behavior and their goals.

Payoff was founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

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You can apply on Payoff's website by setting up an account and entering information about your education and employment.

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