Tips On How To Use A Personal Loan To Pay For Your Move

Tips On How To Use A Personal Loan To Pay For Your Move
Fiona Staff12/30/2019

Moving is not cheap. 

Moving to another state or across the country can cost thousands of dollars. Visit Fiona if you want to get matched with a personal loan that can help you take care of your moving costs.

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First things first, if you’re moving for a job, try to negotiate for moving or relocation costs. This is something to keep in mind once you’ve been offered the position, especially if relocation is required.

If you’re not able to get all of your moving costs covered, here are some good tips for how to make the best of a personal loan that will get you moved without damaging your finances.

Tip 1: Outline Your Moving Expenses.

Understand all the costs of moving. Do you need a van? What about supplies like boxes and tape? Will you need professional movers?

Make sure you consider all of the logistics of your move. Gas, plane tickets, luggage costs, shipping, a place to stay while you’re getting moved in—all of these are items that add up to the costs of the move.

Tip 2: Figure Out Where You Can Cut Corners.

Not everything has to go in the moving van. If you’re hiring professional movers and driving separately, pack as much as you can yourself into your vehicle to cut down on the time you’ll need the movers.

Are you looking into staying at a hotel for a couple of nights when you get to town? Check your contact list for family or friends who live in your new neighborhood. Staying in a guest room saves money that you might’ve spent on a hotel bill.

Start saving boxes now. If you receive a package, break down the box and stash it in a closet to use for your move. Alternatively, you can stop by local shops or department stores and ask if they have any extra boxes you can take. Chances are they’ll have more than enough for you to use. Not only does this save you money, but it reduces cardboard consumption, which is a win for the environment, too!

Tip 3: Identify Loan Features You Need.

When you’re searching for a personal loan to fund your moving expenses, there are several important factors to consider. Once you know an estimate of what your moving expenses will be, look for a low interest loan with a term that allows you to include loan repayment in your budget. If your move is coming up soon, be sure to look for loans that have fast application processes so you can get the cash when you need it.

Remember to ensure that you have the financial ability to make timely, regular payments before you take out your loan. Personal loans can be great resources to fund necessary expenses like moving. Responsible borrowers are always conscientious of how much they borrow and they have confidence in their ability to pay it back.

Bottom Line

Moving can be super stressful. Finding a personal loan to help you afford moving, shouldn’t be. Visit Fiona to get matched with a personal loan today.

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