The FinTech Revolution

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Fiona Staff11/20/2019
The FinTech RevolutionA Brief History

Have you heard of FinTech? Don’t worry—it's not the name of the newest superhero movie about a police detective shark-man. 

FinTech is shorthand for "financial technology". FinTech combines user-friendly technology with unprecedented access to multiple lenders and financial institutions

TransUnion has tracked the historic growth of the FinTech sector. FinTech lenders held only 5% of outstanding personal loan debt in 2015. By 2018, that number grew to 38%, greater than banks, credit unions, and other finance companies (TransUnion).

The bottom line is that the FinTech industry, barely a decade old, is revolutionizing the lending industry. 

Fiona is a great example of that. Fiona will search, compare and recommend personal loan offer that you are pre-qualified for—making find a personal loan easier than ever. Try out how easy it is below

What does a growing FinTech market mean to you as a consumer?

Value to Consumers

FinTech platforms leveraged by Fiona connect borrowers with unsecured loans. This means borrowers of almost any credit quality can access funds through digital platforms.

Unlike banks of which have the goal to get you to use their services and no one else’s, Fiona is a comparison tool with many top providers. Get a personalized recommendation from Fiona, click here to learn more.

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