Is It Possible To Grow Savings While In College?

Is It Possible To Grow Savings While In College?
Fiona Staff12/20/2019

College is hard. 

But going to college while working a job? That’s really hard. 

You know what shouldn’t be hard? Getting matched with a savings account that helps you save money while you’re studying and working.

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If you’re a student with a job, congratulations! You’re pushing yourself to get an education while trying to be financially responsible by also having a job. That’s tough!

College is incredibly expensive and filled with unexpected expenses. We want to help you make the most of your hard-earned money. So your friends at Fiona have put together some tips to help you save money as a college student. Put your money in a savings account early and watch the power of compounding in real-time!  

Don’t buy brand new textbooks. Instead, you can:
  1. Check the library – they may have books on reserve.

  2. Get a scanning app for your phone or tablet. You can easily scan and save digital copies of documents.

  3. Look online for pdf versions of books or articles.

  4. Search for used textbooks. There are usually bookstores both on & off campus.

  5. Find a friend in the class or course (remember, there’s sometimes many sections using the same book) and see if you can share use of the book on alternate days.


Don’t spend a lot of money on food on or off campus. Instead:
  1. Go to events offering free food. Not only is this a chance to score some free pizza, coffee or other snacks, but you can also check out new clubs and groups!

  2. Cook for yourself. Find a few easy recipes. Another great way to make friends is to cook with new roommates or hallmates!

  3. Take home leftovers (and remember to eat them before they turn into a lab project).

  4. Find spots on campus that have free coffee & tea for students. Even if it’s out of your way, it’ll save you money on caffeine. Also, it’s another chance to meet people!

  5. Get the lowdown on happy hour deals and take advantage. In some college towns, these are word of mouth only, so be sure to ask a hostess at any new restaurant you visit if there are any locals-only deals.

 Take your student ID with you everywhere. Here's why:
  1. You never know when there’ll be a student discount for something.

  2. Some schools are affiliated with local transportation and you can use your student card for free or reduced metro/bus fare.

  3. Check with brands when you shop online to see if they have a student discount. Some services like Spotify or Amazon Prime also offer student discounts.


Look into campus resources and use them. Examples:
  1. Gym membership and/or classes

  2. Free food pantry

  3. Clothing donations

  4. Free printing

 Ok, I’ve Saved Some Cash—Now What?

Don’t just hide that cash you’ve been saving in a shoebox in your closet! You may consider stashing it away in a savings account with a decent APY. The APY—or Annual Percent Yield— is an indicator of how much interest your account will accumulate over time. A savings account with a high APY will earn you more money over time! Interest in learning more about high yield savings accounts? Click here to check out our guide.

Congratulations again on working and going to school. That’s definitely difficult and you deserve to make the most of it. That’s why it’s important to get matched with a savings account that will help you grow your balance. You can help your money grow with the right kind of account and by using tips like the above to save money so you can put it towards your future.

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